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We created MCA to ensure that every person has access to quality, affordable communication services. Communication access should exist for everyone and everywhere.

Making a global impact from our Sioux Falls, SD headquarters

We’re currently pursuing new opportunities to fund services for individuals with disabilities. If you’re interested in working with MCA to expand access for your constituents, do let us know.

Leadership Team

Benjamin J. Soukup

Benjamin J. Soukup

Ben Soukup was born Deaf to Deaf parents and is the father of Deaf children. He grew up experiencing first hand barriers that comes with a lack of access to communication, and dedicated his life’s work to overcoming these barriers. Throughout his career, Ben has proven himself to be one of the most seasoned, innovative, and successful Chief Executives for programs and services that benefit the Deaf and hard of hearing community. His innovative programs and companies have launched with private, local, state and federal partners, spawned a billion-dollar Video Relay Service industry.

Ben continues to maintain strong relationships on every level, and continues to build on past success by identifying new opportunities and gaps in services that further his lifelong mission of improving communication access for Deaf people of the world.

Kevin Barber

Kevin Barber

Born Deaf, Kevin Barber dedicated his career to working with a variety of companies and organizations that focus on communication access services and technologies. Throughout his 25+ year career, Kevin has developed an intense understanding of operating video contact centers, sign language interpreting, and related support programs that directly serve the Deaf. He carries significant experience in building up and out a variety of contact centers with multi-million dollar operations. Programs under Kevin’s administration have demonstrated high quality, efficient operations that consistently meet or exceed measurable goals.

Kevin takes his years of administrative and operational experience with him as he develops and designs a new innovative contact center operation that builds on past success.

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