Features For Businesses

Communicate with all of your customers
no matter their language

Remove Barriers to Communication

We created MCA to ensure that every person has access to quality, affordable communication services, by offering over 150 languages available to subscribers.

Access a flexible communication platform

Easy To Use - Anywhere

Works on any mobile or internet-enabled device

Unlimited Live Voice Translation

Support customers from all over the world, with over 150 languages supported

ASL Video Interpreting

Provide certified ASL Interpreters to satisfy your ADA obligations

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    Serve Multiple Locations

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    Unlimited Live Voice Translation

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    Unlimited Automatic Captioning

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    Affordable ASL Video Interpreting & Mobile Video Assistance

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Why Should you Use MCA?

Legal Obligation

Satisfy your legal obligations to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Expand your consumer base

Reach and serve more customers than ever before, regardless of language.

Better Customer Experiences

Make visiting your business a positive and inclusive experience for all.

Workplace Solution

Provide a means for your employees to interact with others more positively.

Cost Efficient & Affordable

Implement a solution that is flexible, scalable and fits your budget for communication.

Works on any device

We've worked hard to ensure MCA works on any mobile or internet connected device.

Watch the story of how Patty has MCA working for her on a regular basis.

Patty is profoundly Deaf. When she interacts with service providers or makes major buying decisions, she uses Mobile Video Interpreting Services to fill gaps in communication.

How Does it Work?

Easy to start and Use

Purchase A Business Subscription Plan

Contact us if you are implementing MCA in multiple locations.

Step One
Step Two

Download the MCA App

Choose a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or other internet connected device. 

Make your device available

Display your device on the front desk or near a receptionist. Make sure your staff know how to use it.

Step Three
Step Four

Select & Use Necessary Service

Choose the appropriate language or translation service depending on the needs of your customer.

Start Communicating Effectively

Providing a comprehensive and effective communication tool isn’t hard or expensive.