Features For Individuals

Mobile Video Assistance Anywhere you Go

Open up the world for yourself

We created MCA so people can have a useful and effective communication tool in their pocket, so they can communicate with anyone no matter where they go.

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    Use Anywhere

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    Unlimited Live Voice Translation

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    Affordable ASL Video Interpreting or Mobile Video Assistance

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Multiple Ways to Communicate

Easy To Use - Anywhere

Bring your internet enabled mobile device, tablet or laptop and communicate wherever you are.

Unlimited Live Voice Translation

Communicate with businesses in any language with over 150 languages supported through voice and text.

ASL Video Interpreting

Access quality ASL video interpreters for just $1.50 a minute in a seamless mobile app experience.

Ideal for Your Personal Situations

Home Services

A house is often our most valued asset. When conducting inspections, repairs or upgrades to your home, ensure the job’s done right by using MCA to communicate with your contractors and service technicians.

Shopping Local Businesses

Make better decisions while shopping for goods and services. Use MCA at stores, dealerships and other places you have questions about your options. Car shopping, buying new windows, or switching insurance carriers.

Uncovered ADA situations

Walking in or scheduling a follow up has never been easier. Discuss the best available options while using MCA with front desk assistants and receptionists. MCA is great for small businesses and community organizations with no legal obligation.

Private or religious settings

Support groups, private clubs, or family meetings to discuss important issues.

Discussing Services With Providers

Auto repairs, pharmacist instructions or front desk appointments.

Personal Gatherings & Use

Become a more involved and active individual. Discuss important family matters, make play dates with other parents, or ask your local politician on the street a question with MCA.

Watch the story of how Patty has MCA working for her on a regular basis.

Patty is profoundly Deaf. When she interacts with service providers or makes major buying decisions, she uses MCA’s Video Interpreting Services to fill gaps in communication.

How Does it Work?

So Easy to Use

Purchase An Individual Subscription Plan

Every plan includes unlimited automated translation and captioning service. ASL interpreting or Mobile Assistance is just $1.50 a minute extra.

Step One
Step Two

Download The MCA App

Choose a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or other internet connected device. You can download the app on multiple devices. 

Select your preferred service

Choose and connect to the service you need.

Step Three

Start Communicating Effectively

With a useful and effective communication tool in your pocket, you’ll be able to go anywhere and interact with others with complete confidence.