• Communicate with all of your customers & employees
    no matter their language.

  • Mobile Communication Access App

    ASL Interpreting on Video That Goes Places

  • Mobile Communication Access App

    Communication Access Belongs Everywhere

  • Mobile Communication Access App

    Support customers & employees with
    Over 150 Languages

Foreign Language Translation App, ASL Interpreting Service, & More

The strongest communities and businesses are the ones that are the most inclusive. We’ve been working on new opportunities for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and foreign language speakers to engage your business. Give MCA a try and play a larger role in serving your local community with more open access for all.

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Mobile Communication Access (MCA)

Mobile Communication Access is an innovative program made available through partnerships with local businesses, foreign language speakers and deaf and hard of hearing individuals throughout the United States. The MCA App helps to ensure that communication is always effective regardless of your language.

Easy To Use - Anywhere

Customers can install the MCA app on their own phones or businesses may choose to provide their own mobile devices in an easy to use interface.

Over 150 Languages

Support customers from all over the world, with over 150 languages supported through voice and American Sign Language through video.

American Sign Language Included

Serve Deaf and hard of hearing individuals with live ASL video interpreting available on demand for just $1.50 a minute.

Where can MCA Go?

Mobile Communication Access is a versatile solution that works across multiple platforms and devices.


The MCA App is changing people's lives.

Kevin B.
Speech to text (STT) experience
During Thanksgiving break, I had great experience with Speech to Text (STT) with my hearing family who don’t know any sign language, however; we were able to communicate via this feature. This allowed me to be part of their conversation which translated their speech into text that allow me to read their conversation while I responded back with my speech or typing message. My brother said this was the best conversation we ever had and I can fully participate in my family gathering.
Eric G.
Experience on using MCA App
MCA is going to be the tool that helps to narrow down the communication gap between deaf and hearing people. It may be exactly what is needed to help bring down the deaf unemployment rate.
Patty K.
Experience on video interpreting service (VIS) experience
When I first saw and utilized MCA, I was so thrilled and was able to communicate with anyone and everywhere! Without having to write back and forth on paper. The hearing individuals were more willing to have dialogue or conversation and in addition they also were willing to provide more information. With writing back and forth they tended to keep the conversation and information very brief. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of using MCA and you will find it very easy and accessible. I love to use MCA especially when I talk with hearing friends and relatives, contractors and service technicians!

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